Steve Talks to Bob About CRM

In my 40 years of working with technology and the last six spent providing Digital Marketing services to small industrial clients I have learned that investing in sales and marketing technologies is not in the forefront of most of my clients minds.

Most of these clients have had success online generating new leads sometimes for as diverse set of offerings as Cremation Ovens or Cryogenic Pumps. Sometimes it is not that these client are adverse to investing in new tools (like CRM and Marketing Automation) it is just that they lack any knowledge or information around them.

That is what spawned my interest to do a series of short audio bites (10 minutes are less) to help them gain a quick piece of knowledge around a topic and then they can weave it into the planing efforts of their business. I call these the Steve Talks Topodcasts.

In this episode of Steve Talks To, Bob Sullivan from InfoGrow talks about CRM Software. Bob and his company have over 25 years of practical experience helping companies choose and leverage CRM for improved business results. Some of the questions discussed include:

What is CRM and how does it help my business?

How do I know if I should invest in CRM? What makes my business a good candidate for it.

I have survived without it this long, why should I consider it now?

What does it cost? How do I evaluate CRM providers?

What are the steps to implementing it, how long does it take. And more…

Take a listen…

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Hey, I am the old guy here, 40 years in technology (I remember when Digital Watches were awe inspiring). I can interpret Digital Marketing strategies, tactics and technologies into a language the common person can understand. Don’t take me lightly though, I love to learn, serve our clients, and enjoy being a high-powered energy source internally and externally. Interests: My faith, family, cycling, golf and helping those in addiction recovery.

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