Pete Kever

I've been doing this a while. Since before Google in fact. My role is two-fold: steering K6 Digital into the future, and helping clients with their digital marketing campaigns. I love the constant movement and enjoy challenges and problem-solving. I especially love it when a client succeeds.

When it's time to take a break you will usually find me spending time with my wife and 3 beautiful daughters, my friends, or enjoying nature at our camp.

Steve Rucinski
Vice-President Digital Marketing

Hey, I am the old guy here, 40 years in technology (I remember when Digital Watches were awe inspiring). I can interpret Digital Marketing strategies, tactics and technologies into a language the common person can understand. Don’t take me lightly though, I love to learn, serve our clients, and enjoy being a high-powered energy source internally and externally. Interests: My faith, family, cycling, golf and helping those in addiction recovery.

Joel Putnam
Digital Content Specialist

As a copywrangler, I chase and herd words for a living. I love engaging stories, the kind that move you to take action.
Together with my trusted horse Scrivener, we ride the open range in search of elusive metaphors and vivid word pictures, then steer them to their home on the page where they’ll make your marketing copy SIZZLE.
So why wait? Contact us today, and let’s lasso your next project and deliver it to market.

Andrew Hickin
Digital Marketing Specialist

I’m eager to learn, be challenged, and provide value in everything I do. Some of my greatest strengths in this company are my creativeness and attention to detail. I love making ads and pages that not only convey the exact message needed, but also look beautiful while doing it.

Outside of work I love to explore outdoors hiking and biking, make videos and music, and spending time with my wife and dog.

Daniel Griffith
Chief Strategy & Creative Officer

I serve the team by employing my unique bent as a business analyst, creative engineer, and mathematically driven developer, translating our client’s results-driven business goals into actionable, creative, and productive roadmaps for the digital marketing and creative teams to follow and engage.

Daiv Whaley
Content Strategy Consultant

I've been working in SEO, Content Marketing, Lead Gen and Nurture Marketing for almost 15 years now, and writing on news and culture for three decades. I love finding new ways to leverage existing content for my clients for stronger results, as well as developing fresh content for new campaigns, branding and user experience. I've written for medical, manufacturing, law, education, non-profit, construction, B2C, tech, and service companies, and enjoy discovering the hidden value propositions inherent in long-term companies to improve there success.

I'm also a cyclist, visual artist, and karaoke rocker and enjoy spirituality and social justice pursuits.

Danelle Hickin
Digital Content Specialist

Content is the fuel that drives connections. I have a passion for taking words and creating great content that generates impact on customers. I  thrive on innovation in our marketing world. I enjoy thinking outside the box and exploring different avenues to help bring our client success.
When I have free time, I enjoy baking, antique shopping, reading, exploring coffee shops and spending time with my family and friends.

Sarah Griffith
Digital Content Specialist

I love to sculpt content. Though most of my personal time is spent in the studio, I see both endeavors as synonymous. It is a joy to work with clients and utilize their passions and brand to help present themselves to their market. I love to create and mold something out of nothing, be it words or clay. Whether it is writing and leveraging existing content, packaging content in an ad, or being on a team that is creating a social media campaign, I can't wait to get started!

David Steciw
Amazon Specialist

I love Amazon.  I sold my first product on Amazon in 2006.  The moment I saw the money come in to my bank account, I was hooked.  Since then, I’ve helped countless businesses utilize the selling platform to start, grow and develop their business and product lines.   Are you ready to utilize the biggest shopping platform in North America?  If so, I’m ready to help guide your organization to success.  Wait, I forgot Social Media Advertising!  The fastest growing marketing channel for many companies right now.  I’ve helped build thousands of campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.  75% of your target audience are using these platforms daily. What’s your strategy to get your brand engaging with them?  I’d love to start a conversation on how we can help do that.

Candace Graves
Content Strategist

I’ve worked in digital marketing for over five years. Though a lot changes in our world, quality writing is timeless. SEO, local search, and content are my specialties. I like to write content that sounds natural and conversational, wordsmith it for conciseness, and optimize it to perform in Google’s ever-changing search landscape.

In my free time, I’m working out, learning more about natural health, spending time with my fiancé, watching Frasier, and being part of our church community.

Frank Griffith
Chairman Emeritus