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As of July 2018, purchases represent nearly half of all ecommerce spending, or 5% of all retail sales in the USA. If you sell a product and you don’t have an Amazon storefront, you are missing an enormous opportunity.

And, you are likely losing business. 49 percent of US consumers begin their product search at Amazon, effectively turning into Google’s biggest competitor for product searches.

If you already have an Amazon storefront, K6 can help you optimize it and get more out of it:

  1. Amazon Onboarding Process for new sellers
  2. Storefront creation / management
  3. Brand Registry, Trademark, Copyright management
  4. Copy and Image management
  5. Listing optimization (keywords, descriptions, EBC)
  6. Amazon inventory management (SFP and FBA)
  7. Paid advertising on Amazon network
  8. In depth reporting, high level reporting with analysis and suggested action items
  9. Removing 3rd party sellers and controlling branded items for brand owner
  10. Account health consulting (reinstating sellers who have been suspended)
  11. Full blown Amazon account management