Cleveland Ohio Area SEO and Digital Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees does K6 have?

Right now, we have eight employees and two subcontractors that do regular work for us. All employees participate in client work on a regular basis. The owner, Pete, is a daily part of business operations.

There seem to be a lot of SEO firms. What do you do differently?

There are a lot of firms that claim to do SEO, and we have many talented competitors. Digital marketing is an enormous industry and continues to grow. First of all, be careful of firms that claim they can “do SEO” but do not have the track record someone like K6 has. We have literally hundreds of client stories stretching back to the late 1990s. Also be careful of SEO firms that sell packages at $399 per month – it is very difficult to get any valuable work done for that price, which means they are most likely outsourcing low-end SEO work overseas. We are different because we are small, nimble, experienced and honest. But you would need to talk to us to see for yourself.

What is your SEO process?

At a high level, without giving too much away right here, our process works like this:

1. Kickoff meeting to discuss goals, objectives, your business, challenges, competition and keywords you would like to target.
2. Technical audit of the website to determine overall SEO readiness.
3. Keyword research to build a targeted list of keywords for which you want to rank, based on relevance, search volume and competition.
4. Competitive analysis to determine who we are up against.
5. Content analysis and recommended content strategy.
6. Updates to all of the existing pages to optimize them around our keyword list.
7. Conversion optimization on key pages to drive more engagement and more leads.
8. Ongoing content development, copywriting, blogging, social media sharing.
9. Ongoing monitoring, technical audits, competitive analysis, keyword updates, reporting and status sessions.

Do you have SEO packages?

We do – and we don’t. Our pricing is based on time and expertise, not on particular services. If you bring us on to drive more leads and sales, we will provide the digital marketing strategies and tactics each month to do that. Most of the time this involves a lot of emphasis on search marketing – SEO and Paid Search. But we might spend significant time on conversion optimization to get your site working better. We might spend some time on social media marketing to get you more exposure on different channels. We have also been engaged to provide some serious Google Analytics consulting to uncover sticky situations. We are here for you in the capacity that makes sense for your goals.

Can you work remotely?

Certainly, more than half of our business is outside of the state of Ohio. We have worked both in offices and remotely since we started in this business, and as technology has grown, so has our ability to manage remote teams. Of course we always love to meet our clients face to face if possible and we are happy to take a quick trip to your neck of the woods, see some local sights and get a change of weather!