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You have potential customers out there. You have solutions to needs they have. Can they find you?

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search is still the top channel

Search marketing is our specialty, with literally thousands of projects under our belts. Our first search engine project was for an Ohio company that wanted to rank “at the top of Yahoo” – way back in 1997.

Search is a tool that nearly everyone uses for almost every online research effort. When someone knows they have a question or a need, and want an answer, they type their need right into the search box.

This may not seem like a big deal these days, because search engines are such a part of our everyday lives. But if you stop and think about it, search is an amazing sales and marketing tool – if you can harness it. A potential customer is sharing their innermost thoughts with you. They are telling you what they want to know, right at that moment. And you have an opportunity to give them their answer. 

The question is: are you positioned where they can find you? Or is your web site buried somewhere past Page 2 for most searches?

search marketing

Search marketing is part of an overall digital marketing strategy

A top search rank in Google is gold, and search is a “top of funnel” strategy. A strong search engine rank – whether organic or paid – is only the beginning, however. Searchers tend to use multiple channels to find answers, and products or services they need. Often, a searcher will visit Google multiple times, using multiple keywords, and visit a site many times. 

Search marketing works best when paired with an overall strategy using all of the digital funnels.

Search Engine Optimisation

Data-Driven Decisions

Data drives all of our recommendations. This includes not just web site and social media traffic, but who is influencing your customers. What was the first, second, third and last touch point you had with a new prospect? What does your sales team say about the quality of leads we are driving?

We do all of this without making outrageous promises, or making you sign long contracts. 

Instead, we work to build a plan, set goals, work hard, and report the facts.

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