The 6

What Is The “6”?

So what exactly is the “6” in K6 Digital?
I could tell you a lot of things about the 6. I could say it’s the number of people in my family, the Kevers.
I could tell you it’s the number of original Kever siblings. Or that a K6 is the name of a particular phone booth. Or that it sounded better than “K5”.
Or even that it was the first “K” domain name available without having to use dashes.
But who cares about marketing rhetoric? “The 6” is how we do business, the standards by which we try to work:

  1. Treat others better than yourself. Hold them in higher esteem than yourself. This goes for co-workers and customers.
  2. Give more than you get. Try to make each transaction an uneven trade – where they get more and you get less.
  3. Always tell the truth. In a world of hype and lies, we want to stand out.
  4. Work hard – but more importantly – work smart (yes, bad grammar). Smarter is better than harder. But at the end of the day, sometimes we all just have to work.
  5. Find your best and highest use. This means find your passion and work it every day. At K6 we strive to help each other find – and work in – the things they are best suited for. What they were made to do. And that goes for our company and clients, too.
  6. Have fun. We don’t live to work – not on our careers, anyway. Keep things in perspective and if you stop enjoying what you are doing, find a way to get back on the path.