The people at K6 Digital have been working with digital marketing since 1996.

We are Practical, Flexible and Accountable.

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Thinking About Redesigning Your Website?

Don't Do It.

At least, don't hire a web design firm without talking to us. Having spent two decades in the digital marketing business, working with hundreds of clients on literally thousands of campaigns, we picked up a few pointers on web design. What works. What doesn't. Whether you should hire an agency for all of it, or do some of it yourself.

Most importantly, we know why you really want a new web design. You want results. Leads, sales and revenue. And if you are talking to a web design team that doesn't include professionals who know how to get real results from your website...all you will end up with is a new, beautiful site that doens't perform any better than the last one.

Give us a call. It's a free conversation. We won't scare you too much. No obligation to pick our brain!

Digital Marketing Services

More Leads from Existing Traffic

Success isn’t always about more traffic. Learn how K6 Digital has grown sales volume by harnessing the power of your current website and visitors you are already getting.

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SEO Readiness Check

Our SEO technical audit specifies changes you need to make to your website for better rankings. We will build a content roadmap and help you implement it. And develop metrics to help you track success.

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Does Your Marketing Department Need Help?

Perhaps your marketing is in need of some extra hands to help, or they lack expertise in certain areas of digital marketing. We can help your marketing department close the skills gap by helping with discrete tactics and strategies.

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Campaigns Managed

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Millions of $$
in New Sales

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SEO, SEM and Social by Seasoned Professionals

We have watched digital marketing come of age. When we began working with the web in 1996, Google was still in the lab at Stanford and Yahoo was the dominate search engine. Mark Zuckerberg was a pre-teen and people thought Apple was dead.

The interconnected, always-on world is here. Customers and leads do not follow a linear path to your door today. Many channels contribute to their decision making path. Do you have a presence on them?

The role of Sales in all of this has changed too. Prospects know more than they used to know, even before they call you. And telling the world what you know, and providing information that will help them, is the key to success.

You won't get any over-hyped promises from us. Just facts, our advice from 100s of campaigns, and a desire to bring long-term value to your business.

Digital Marketing is not a magic trick, it's hard work. Let's get moving together.

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