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Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is the use of digital tools and distribution systems to market your company, and includes web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and online content marketing.

In general, companies that continually use a SEO services company like K6, find their small business to generate more traffic. Keeping up with trends, keyword research, and social media marketing can be overwhelming, but with K6 Digital’s SEO expert team, there’s less to worry about. Starting with an SEO audit and then moving through a detailed SEO strategy, you will come to an understanding of the reward that comes from targeting the intended audience and actually retrieving revenue for what people are searching for. A digital marketing and SEO company like K6 Digital can get you there.

K6 is a Cleveland area digital marketing agency that helps companies determine the best strategies to generate online leads, grow sales, and build your brand. K6 is dedicated to supporting the growth of your small business by providing accomplished SEO services and fully explaining the process. Fuel your web sales engine with our flexible, affordable approach to digital marketing!


Search Engine Optimization

More than 80% of web users begin their research using a search engine. Since search is a hugely important part of your customers’ journey, SEO should be a core part of your digital marketing strategy.



Generate quick exposure and get traffic from visitors who are just learning about you, through PPC advertising. You only pay when someone clicks your Google Ads and lands on your website. K6’s strategic, results-driven PPC campaigns help bring new potential customers right to your front door.

web design

Web Design

From new landing pages to complete websites, we can help your lead generation efforts. We have full capabilities in-house, from strategy to design and custom programming.

social media

Social Media Optimization

Social media properties like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok are where your customers spend a lot of time. Every business should incorporate social media optimization as a crucial SEO service to boost their digital presence and visibility.


Amazon Optimization

If you already have an Amazon storefront, K6 can help you optimize it and get more out of it. We help with Amazon search optimization, product management, store optimization and more.


Conversion Optimization

Through careful analysis of your website visitors and their behavior, we can help you get more conversions from your current web traffic. We use tools like analytics, heat mapping and real-world user testing to understand where your site is causing “friction” and how we can improve the number of visitors who become leads or sales.

Digital Marketing Services

Cleveland-area company offering SEO, paid search consulting, social media marketing and web design services.

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