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Web Design And Development

For most businesses these days, the design part of a web site design is not the hard part. Modern web frameworks and content management systems have simplified the process of attractive, professional marketing websites. Writing content that sells your company and ranks well in search engines? That’s hard! And that’s where we come in.

Content Creation Is at the Heart of Our Designs

Our web design services are actually content creation services. Because websites are content!

A website that fails to perform is likely failing because of weak content. Not only does your site need professionally written text, thoughtful graphics and rich media, it needs:

A thoughtful content plan that provides easy paths to the important information your customers are seeking
Content that has been optimized around specific keywords that your audience is actually using when they search
Website content that answers actual questions your target audience is asking
Effective calls to action that illicit responses when appropriate
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According to Google, business buyers do not contact suppliers directly until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete.

People do not like talking to salespeople until they feel empowered enough to buy.

K6 will help you build a website that works harder. The goal is to get your company on the list of prospects your client is building. Does your current site do that? We can help!!

Business buyers use digital tools every day to get educated on purchase decisions. They do this many ways:

  • Search on vendors or brands they already know – we help get your brand or category into more minds!
  • Search generically on the issues they have – we build keyword-optimized text into your website so you rank higher in search engines!
  • Visit popular bloggers and social media influencers – we help build your authority and thought leadership!
  • Connect with people they know online to get advice – we can put your brand in front of the people who are most likely to buy from you!
  • Read popular review sites – we can monitor review sites, make recommendations and help drive traffic from these trusted sources!
  • Seek out videos to gain insight – we can produce video content that opens your brand to new audiences!

A Few Words About SEO Content

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content is content created specifically to help improve a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal of SEO content is to attract more organic traffic to a website by ranking higher in search engine results for relevant keywords and phrases.

K6 does NOT accomplish this by “spamming” search engines – repeating the same keywords over and over in your page copy in an attempt to “game” the system. Instead, we research the topics and questions that your audience is already asking, and write thoughtful content around those topics.

Read more about our SEO Content strategies and services.

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