Simple Tips to Double Your Websites Mobile Contact Form Submissions

The odds are pretty good that your website visitors are using mobile devices to view and interact with your website.

I am also sure that you want people to contact you in order to do business together.

Do you know what your Contact Us page looks like on mobile?

Do you know how many times that page is visited on mobile, or how many times your Contact Form is submitted on mobile?

One of my clients Blue Men Moving gets roughly 60% of their website traffic from mobile devices.

In June of 2017 they had 771 website visitors and 463 of them were on a mobile device.

273 of those mobile visitors went to the contact us page and 34 of them completed and submitted the form for a 12.4% conversion rate.

In the before image in this post you can see what the page looked like on mobile in June, on July 1 we made the changes you can see in the after graphic.

Here are the results from the changes we made.

In July 238 visitors went to the contact us page and 94 of them submitted the form for a 39.5% conversion rate.

The page conversion rate tripled and Contact Us form submissions went up 176% from 34 to 94!

So here are some some tips to improve your mobile Contact Us form submissions:

  • Review what your Contact Us page looks like on mobile.
  • Move the form to the top of the page.
  • Don’t overdo the number of form fields.
  • Write some copy on top of the form that says what will happen next and when you will respond to the form submission.
  • Of course leave your phone number if applicable.

While I cannot promise these tips will work as effectively for all organizations, for those whose visitors want and need to connect with you, making the form and phone number first makes the most sense.

If you would like me to do a quick assessment of your mobile Contact Us page, email me at

This Conversion Tactic Works Quickly to Grow Leads

Turning your website or social media presence into a lead-generating machine can be a reality when you know your customers and what they really want. Find an offer that makes your potential customers add themselves to your marketing process, and you are on your way to success.

Creating offers on your site is obviously not a new idea. But there are offers…and then there are GOLDEN TICKETS. We call these “golden ticket” offers…not only because they make YOU gold, but because they help your customers in a powerful way.

We have found that when you identify one of these important offers, your web site becomes a lead generation machine. Here are some tips.

  1. Find the pain points. What problems do you really solve for your customers? Try to drill down as deeply as possible to the real issues you solve.
  2. Build the golden ticket offer. Can you identify at least one offer that will help your customers so much, they are willing to give you some personal contact information in exchange for it? Some ideas include an ROI Calculator that shows savings, or help with a specific government/industry standard. Perhaps you can give a step by step process for meeting certain criteria that enables customers to do business.
  3. Don’t ask for the world. When you offer the golden ticket, ask only for the information you really need in order to get a qualified person into your marketing process. An email address is probably a must-have. If you really don’t need their name yet, don’t ask for it, unless you want more qualified submissions.
  4. Build content around the offer. Your golden ticket offer is the prize. Content is the method you use to attract attention to the prize. It’s the candy bar that contains the ticket.
  5. Use as many digital marketing tools as possible. Changes are, your customers will use multiple channels (search, social, email, etc) and need to see your content and offer several times before they will act.
  6. Invest in marketing automation software. Once you hook someone with your offer, don’t let them get away. At a minimum, use email to send follow-up offers to remind them of your value. Without some kind of follow up, it’s like hooking a fish and never even trying to reel it into the boat.

Are You Getting the Most From Your In-House Digital Marketing Efforts?

Are you getting enough ROI from your current in-house digital marketing efforts? Here are some things to consider.

  1. Are you trying to make everybody a “generalist”? We see a lot of job postings for in-house digital marketing where the ideal candidate must do it all. Paid, social, organic SEO, content writing, WordPress programming, project management. Hey…the digital world has grown up. Specialize in a channel or two and build from there.
  2. Are you actually measuring success? This starts with a really solid goal. Start with the end in mind and work backward. If you want to double e-commerce revenue, that means either doubling traffic or doubling conversions – or both. Pick strategies to address both of those areas and numbers to track success or failure.
  3. Are you missing any key channels or strategies? Folks, social media is huge, and it’s time to get off the fence. Facebook isn’t going anywhere and everybody uses it. LinkedIn can drive leads. Google has made some recent decisions that are closing the door to some smaller businesses. Get a content strategy together, and just get moving. It’s like going to the gym. That being said…
  4. Are you chasing too many shiny objects? You aren’t as late to the game as you fear. If you don’t have a Snapchat strategy yet – don’t worry, they have a lot of growing to do first. It is never too late to work on a strategy and execution with established channels, like Google and LinkedIn.
  5. Do you need just a little more help? You probably hired employees to run most of your digital marketing programs in order to have a focused team. And perhaps you are saving some money, too. But having an agency around for even a few hours a month, or on a project basis, might provide some new insights. Agencies work with a variety of clients in all kinds of fields. This often leads to some new ways of thinking. And last but perhaps this should be first…
  6. Is your team happy? Digital marketing can be exciting and fun, but sometimes it can be stressful and monotonous. Make sure your team members are well-suited to their tasks. The simplest way is to simply ask them! “What do you love about your job? What do you not love? What would you like to learn more about?” You can also present opportunities, such as “Our site needs better content. Would you like to give it a shot?”

As always, if you are looking to get some of my thoughts or a consultation, contact us. If you want to hook up on LinkedIn, I pretty much connect with anybody who asks.