Consistent, Keyword-Focused Content Really Works for SEO

Consistent, Keyword-Focused Content Really Does Work for SEO…And Here’s Some Evidence

Most companies are a little stuck when it comes to seeing real SEO results and traffic that they want. K6 can help you get moving and start getting a return on your web investment. Here’s how we helped another client.

January is one of the busiest times of the year for gyms. The new year and a lot of holiday over-indulgence often leads people to resolve “this year I’m really going to get in shape!”

Maybe you’ve been in that situation – and you know what normally happens. In January it’s so crowded it’s hard to get access to your favorite machines. By March, things have calmed down and when the weather gets warmer, things are back to normal, whisper quiet even after work hours.

People simply don’t stick with their exercise programs, even though sticking with the program is key to success.

The same is true with SEO and content.

Client Rankings Growth, 6 Months

client growth

SEO and the Importance of Content

If you work with K6 for your search engine optimization campaign, you will hear us say it a lot: content is the core of SEO.

And content for SEO is a lot like getting into physical shape – success mostly comes from simply not giving up. You need to keep writing new content, around specific keywords, consistently and patiently. Most of your competitors have probably started SEO and then gave up after a few months. Like the enthusiastic people in the gym on January 2, who begin to drift away by March, many of your competitors have likely begun to fade in their content efforts.

The fun part is that if you focus and continue to work, it’s nearly impossible NOT to get results. Just like your body MUST change if you exercise and eat right, your website WILL rank for more keywords if you just get going on content – and keep going.

The latest example is one of our high technology clients. This particular company sells remote networking solutions, helping companies quickly and easily add new users to their network with full security. Essentially, they are a professional-grade provider of virtual private networking services, or VPN.

So, they want to rank for relevant keywords such as vpn as a service, vpnaas, zero trust remote access and legacy vpn. We were able to make significant progress on these relatively competitive keywords in a few months:

How We Did It

First, we established a partnership with our client. We needed them to help with the technical aspects of what we were building. If you are an SEO company or work within the marketing or content department of your company, you need to get with the people in the company that understand the technical aspects of what you sell. And, you should also be talking to sales people, customer service and others who interact the most with your customers each day. SEO and content touch every person in the company and require at least a little bit of input from each stakeholder.

Next, we planned new content specifically around keywords and topics. We researched questions that real people actually are asking that directly relate to the topics and keywords for which our client wants to rank.

Then, we wrote the content and made sure it was helpful. If you are writing about a topic and keyword that your customers use to find you, then presumably the main gist of the piece of content is helpful in itself. But you need to write from the perspective of your customer and answer their questions, help them solve problems, help them make their job or life easier, and show them a path to success. This isn’t always an easy task to accomplish with text and images on a web page or a social post.

Finally, we kept doing it.  Again, much of your SEO success is going to come down to the basic thing you already know about going to the gym: don’t stop going. It’s one thing you really can control!

SEO is not a magic trick. It’s hard, consistent work. And hard thoughtful SEO content will always work.

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