Technical SEO Audits and Market Research Services

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If you aren’t quite ready to invest in a long-term SEO campaign, K6 Digital Marketing can help you get started on a plan of attack. Our in-depth, 89-point technical SEO audit and market research report is a one-time project that uncovers technical issues that are hindering the profitability of your site, and determines the opportunity that SEO can bring to your business.

  1. We will review your website’s technical infrastructure to identify and diagnose any issues that may be impacting its search engine visibility and performance, user experience and other ranking factors.
  2. We will review your competitors and conduct a thorough analysis of keywords that your potential customers are searching when looking for your solutions.
  3. We will then provide a recommended targeted keyword list along with a high-level content plan that, if executed upon faithfully, will result in higher rankings, more traffic and more leads from your website.
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Technical SEO Audit Details

The site audit and market analysis is a one-time project that typically takes 6 weeks to complete, including the following features:

  1. Kickoff meeting: K6 Digital Marketing will meet with you to determine overall SEO goals, target audiences, metrics, and website history. We will also collect all of the information we need to begin the site audit, such as gaining access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, your website’s content management system and the like.
  2. Crawlability analysis: We analyze the website’s structure and identify any issues that are preventing search engines from crawling and indexing its pages. This can include issues such as broken links, duplicate content and canonical tags, and robots.txt file errors.
  3. Mobile optimization: We asses the website’s mobile-friendliness and identify any issues that may negatively impact its mobile search engine visibility. This can include mobile-unfriendly design, slow page load times, and non-responsive pages.
  4. Indexation analysis: Google and other search engine crawlers are constantly scouring web page content, and copying that content into their databases – a process known as “indexing.” In order to rank for any keyword, these crawlers (or spiders) must be able to easily and quickly find all of your web content. We will determine what issues, if any, are prohibiting the search engines from indexing your content, including issues like duplicate content, low-quality pages, and pages blocked by robots.txt or noindex tags.
  5. Tagging analysis: We examine all of your important HTML tags: Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Schema code, ALT attributes and image titles. Quite often, these tags are overlooked and they represent a simple way to boost rankings, if they are optimized for specific targeted keywords.
  6. Link analysis: Part of Google’s ranking algorithm relies on links that point to your site. We will analyze the website’s backlink profile to determine if any of your existing links are doing more harm than good, including low-quality or spammy backlinks, broken links, and over-optimization.
  7. Site speed analysis: Google has placed more importance on overall usability of a site, beginning with responsiveness. We will analyze the website’s load time and identify issues that may be impacting its performance, such as large images, unoptimized code, and slow server response times.
  8. Analytics and tracking: We provide an analysis of your website’s traffic measuring system (such as Google Analytics) to identify any issues that may be impacting its performance. This can include issues such as missing or inaccurate tracking codes, duplicate codes, poor data collection and analysis, and lack of conversion tracking.

Once the audit is completed, K6 will provide a report with recommendations to address the issues identified.

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Market Research Report

Following the SEO Technical Audit, K6 will conduct a “deep-dive” into your competition and your audience searching behaviors, and build a targeted keyword list comprised of terms you can use in your SEO strategy. These keywords are most likely going to bring customers to your site through higher search engine rankings.

The report will provide data that will help you determine the opportunity an SEO program can bring to your business:

  • We uncover keywords that your target customers are using to find what you are selling
  • Keyword volume data shows how often those keywords are being used each month
  • Competitive information shows how likely we will be successful in getting a Page 1 rank for those keywords

Content Plan

K6 will then produce a Content Gap Analysis, examining areas that your website needs to improve content focus to address the targeted keywords. In this analysis and report, we will provide:

  • Which of the targeted keywords do not have any relevant content on the site?
  • Which keywords do have content that we can further optimize and expand?
  • What opportunities do we have to address the keywords that do not have any content, or sufficient content?

The Content Gap Analysis will lead to a more refined Content Plan that will help you determine what needs to be built for your SEO program:

  • What questions do your customers have about your services or products?
  • What questions can we find that people are asking, when using your keywords to search?
  • What topics can we develop significant content around, based on the keywords?

Content is the key to SEO – but it must be relevant and useful content. K6 works to build content that your customers are actively seeking, making you the expert in that area! This will lead to higher rankings and more sales opportunities. Learn more about how we do it.

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