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Everywhere we go on the internet there are videos. No matter how many videos you see while scrolling through Facebook you can’t help but stop and see what it’s about.

That’s because video is one of the greatest way to engage people. Search engines and social media are seeing this and taking action. That’s why it’s so important to include video in your digital marketing strategy.

video production

What is the value of video in digital marketing?

The most successful video types and what value they give


Primary Target Audience: Potential customers, New Customers, Old customers

A vlog is simply a video blog. Usually you film yourself and talk to the camera during a vlog. It can be used to convey information as well as let your customers get to know you. This is good way to make your company more approachable and if you are showing your expertise in the video, it can make your company look more reliable. Also making shorter vlogs will increase the performance on social media.


Primary Target Audience: Potential customers, Potential employees

A culture video is a “get to know the company” video. It is used to show what its like inside the company. It can build trust in the company by showing the company’s morals and professionalism. It not only is good for potential customers to see but also potential employees.


Primary Target Audience: Potential customers

Interview is a great way to meet people in the company. This is a good opportunity for individuals in the company to get personal with your audience. Also it’s used to share what they do and how they do it effectively. This shows that the company cares about people which increases trust and it shows the quality of your service.


Primary Target Audience: Potential customers, New Customers, Old customers

A webinar video is a longer video which is sometimes done live. It is a great way for people to get to know the company and the people in it, answer questions, and educate people. Though webinars might get less traffic because of the length of the video, it usually attracts very serious potential customers.


Primary Target Audience: Potential customers, New Customers

Tutorial videos are great for showing how to use your product which is helpful for people who have already bought your product, but also helpful for potential buyers to get a better grasp of the product. Also a tutorial video can show how your company does a service it provides. You don’t want to give away all your company’s tips of the trade, but by doing tutorials like this it can help you get more attention on that service you offer.

Product Review

Primary Target Audience: Potential customers

A product review video is a great way to get credibility for your product because the review comes from an outside source. Product reviews are common but having a product review is a better way to engage your customers and leads to more conversions.


Primary Target Audience: Potential customers

Testimonial videos are interviews of real customers that affirm the quality of product or service you offer. A potential customer seeing someone who has the same need as them being fulfilled through your business builds trust in your business.


Primary Target Audience: Potential customers

Animation videos serve a wide purpose with engaging your audience. Animated videos are great at conveying information quickly, effectively, and beautifully. The most common use of animation videos are Explainer Videos, which are used to explain what services you provide, the products you sell, how your business process works, etc. These are effective on your website but also very effective on social media because the videos are usually short.

Here are some video examples that we have produced

There are many ways that video can be used effectively in your digital marketing strategy.

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