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case study - matrixspace


MatrixSpace, a leading innovator in 4D radar technology, has made significant strides in the drone detection and area protection market from April 2023 to April 2024. MatrixSpace specializes in advanced 4D radar systems designed for comprehensive drone detection and area protection. Their technology offers a robust and cost-effective solution for various surveillance needs, providing situational awareness and security.

The challenge of getting a start-up business to rank in Google’s organic search results requires an SEO strategy that includes keyword research, competitor research, content creation, and a user-friendly website that helps leads to convert into customers. For MatrixSpace, this was particularly daunting as they were entering a highly competitive market dominated by established players with extensive resources and brand recognition.

MatrixSpace began its first shipments in February 2024, marking a significant milestone in making their 4D radar technology commercially available. However, to sustain growth and capitalize on this achievement, they needed to effectively reach and engage their target audience through strategic marketing efforts.


The team at K6 Digital Marketing created an SEO strategy geared towards getting MatrixSpace on the first page of Google’s organic results for keywords relating to their product. These keywords include 4D radar, drone detection, AI sensors, and low-cost infrastructure surveillance.

At the very beginning of the project, K6 conducted keyword research to uncover some high-volume keywords that were recommended to include in the new website content. The goal with these keywords was to get them to rank high up in Google search results, bringing in organic traffic to the website. These keywords were used in blog posts, press releases, and in the code of the website (in Meta descriptions and page titles). Proper keyword optimization is essential for improving search engine visibility and driving targeted traffic to a website.

When K6 started the project, the website was fairly hard to use and needed a design overhaul. The website designers worked with MatrixSpace to create some new graphics, call-to-actions, videos, and new products pages to improve the user-experience. A user-friendly website with visually appealing and informative content is crucial for engaging visitors and converting them into potential customers.

Another project handled by K6 was the creation of a newsroom. This is crucial in getting the word out about the startup company, as well as a great way to create blogs and press releases about MatrixSpace’s 4D radar product, as well as a place to show the large amount of media coverage that they received. Establishing a strong media presence and consistently publishing high-quality content can significantly boost a brand’s credibility and thought leadership within its industry.


MatrixSpace’s use of targeted keywords and consistent media engagement has effectively raised awareness and positioned the company at the forefront of the 4D radar industry. By focusing on practical applications like drone detection and area protection, they have addressed critical security needs in various sectors, such as public safety, defense, and industrial surveillance.

Over the course of a year, the company generated substantial interest, with 70 qualified leads indicating a strong market demand for their innovative solutions. Their website traffic and keyword rankings have been steadily growing month over month. This steady growth trajectory is a testament to the effectiveness of the SEO and content marketing strategies implemented by K6 Digital Marketing.

MatrixSpace gained extensive media attention, with more than 80 press releases from various sources highlighting their technological advancements and market impact. These press releases played a crucial role in establishing MatrixSpace as a thought leader in the field of drone detection radar and area protection. Consistent media coverage not only raises brand awareness but also builds trust and credibility among potential customers and industry stakeholders.

MatrixSpace’s website attracted 7,130 users through organic search, resulting in 11,705 sessions. An impressive 66.2% engagement rate reflects high user interest and the relevance of their content to potential customers and stakeholders. These metrics demonstrate the success of the SEO and content strategies in driving targeted traffic and engaging the right audience.

MatrixSpace has successfully leveraged its innovative 4D radar technology to capture market interest and establish a strong foothold in the surveillance industry. Their ability to attract significant organic traffic and media attention, coupled with a strategic focus on relevant keywords, has enabled them to create a compelling value proposition. As they continue to ship products and expand their market presence, MatrixSpace is poised to lead the future of digitized outdoor surveillance and low-cost infrastructure protection. With a solid foundation in place, MatrixSpace can continue to build upon its success and solidify its position as an industry leader in advanced surveillance solutions.

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