SEO for Manufacturing Case Study

SEO for Manufacturing Case Study

IPVideo Corporation, recently acquired by Motorola Solutions, designs and manufactures health, safety, and security solutions for public-sector environments such as schools, hotels, banks, offices, public housing, retail businesses, restaurants, hospitals and more.

Their flagship product, HALO Smart Sensor, is a series of IoT sensor devices designed to sense not only cigarette and THC vapor in public bathrooms, but also violence and bullying, break-ins, overcrowded conditions, and even gunshots.

IPVideo discovered that a competitor was using their marketing messaging and even some basic design ideas to produce a similar but inferior product that nonetheless was ranking well and was “stealing” traffic from IPV.

As part of our digital marketing campaign with IPV, K6 was tasked with solving this problem, while also increasing their ranks and traffic via SEO best practices.

SEO for Manufacturing Case Study In a tight marketplace, where our client and their four manufacturing competitors were often so close in rankings as they competed for potential customers that they held the numbers One through Five positions in various order for different keywords, we had to be mindful that our SEO efforts did not tip the balance of rankings towards another manufacturing company and improve their search results.

K6 used best practices for SEO for manufacturing as well as creative content marketing strategy to balance the scales for greater SEO success.


  • Assess the SEO and content marketing strategies being used by the competitor
    •  Analyze HALO’s all-important Home page for deficits in their SEO strategy
    •  Develop Content Marketing and SEO tactics to boost rankings via the marquis  Home page

Strategies and Solutions

  1. Home Page Audits
  • K6 compared HALO and the competitor’s Home pages to see the different types of content, content purposes, types of media, web design, SEO techniques, and messaging being presented to readers
    •  Using “heatmapping” software, K6 determined where interest on HALO’s Home page flagged and could thus be updated to stimulate interest and engagement for visitors, via new content strategies, as well as to impact search engine results. While heatmapping is not really considered technical SEO, it is a technical application of a software tool that requires finesse to operate in order to yield actionable results.
  1. Content Marketing and SEO Strategies Developed  
  • Rearranged the order of Slider slides to present a more narrative, educational message to website visitors on their products’ capabilities
    •  Added a potent, brief video, pre-existing on HALO’s site in another section, to deliver value-proposition messaging to viewers – videos keep viewers on-page longer, good for SEO impact with search engines
    •  Added a trenchant statistic on student vaping in schools – a primary target market – in a colorful call-out box, to reach potential customers
    •  Presented ALL sensor readings from HALO devices as visual icons – previously only a section of these readings had been displayed – a good conversion tactic for methodical buyers
    •  Added a testimonial quote from a satisfied HALO customer in a colorful call-out box – a good tactic for humanistic buyers
    •  Expanded the number of industries served, as represented by photographs, while reducing the overall space these images occupied on the Home page
    •  Added a blog feed to the Home page so that fresh SEO content is constantly delivered – search engines value updated content as a sign of active, motivated websites
    •  Added relevant, current FAQs to the Homepage that were loaded with SEO keywords and developed new FAQs to answer more visitor questions – FAQs are excellent for SEO-based search queries and can impact conversions as well


HALO continues to grow in rankings as we continue to provide best practices-based SEO for manufacturing across the site.

Besides ongoing SEO strategies site-wide, K6 focused on the Home page as a target for a number of strategic improvements due to the marquis nature of Home pages in-general.

Numerous rankings that were occupied by its competitor are now owned by HALO, due to the Conversion and SEO tactics added to the Home page via content marketing and strategy. (SEMRush ranking details below – March 2 through April 30, 2024)


In a very tight manufacturing market competitively, diligence is required to keep search rankings strong and rising. If your business can use assistance towards these goals, contact K6 Digital Marketing  and let’s have a conversation. We offer digital marketing, Paid search, web design, SEO services and more, including SEO for manufacturing companies. We’d love to hear from you and help your business grow!

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