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B2B Lead Generation
Lead generation for automatic sales leads 24/7

SEO solves a huge problem in digital marketing, by increasing your organic search rankings so that your site ranks higher and attracts more traffic. But then what?

Oftentimes, your site visitors aren’t ready to buy or even engage with you upon their first visit for a number of reasons. Lead generation is a smart way to convince your website visitors to provide you with their contact information for follow-up, or nurture marketing, until they are ready to engage and do business with you.

The K6 B2B lead generation process works as follows:

  1. Our team works with your business to develop or repurpose content from your company or website into an attractive content-marketing piece to give away to website visitors.
  2. We then design and build an attractive landing page on your website that offers your visitors that piece of content in exchange for their personal information – their email address, company name, job title, phone number, etc. Landing pages are designed with your site and brand aesthetics firmly in-mind.
  3. A number of strategies can then be employed to drive traffic to the landing page – PPC ads, social media posts, news releases, digital and print ads, even an attention-grabbing graphic on your Home page. K6 develops these lead gen media strategies and assists in their deployment for your business.

Once set-up and established, this lead generation “machine” works tirelessly for your website, 24/7 and with no assistance needed. Your sales team simply follows-up with every lead collected.

We can help you with that process too if needed.

 Contact K6 today to get started with lead generation services for the 24/7 sales system that should be your website – in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, the Midwest or beyond.