SEO Is Comprised Of A Lot of Monotonous Work. We Do It So You Don’t Have To

As a business, you’ve already got your hands full. With all the hats you wear, all the balls you juggle, and all the fires you put out, there’s no time on your schedule to worry about grunt work. Especially not the type of work, that mind-numbing work that can make a person want to tear their hair out.

Keyword Research and Content Creation

Our SEO team shares a laugh mid-workday

Welcome to the wild world of SEO marketing.

If you’ve ever wondered what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals do behind the scenes, imagine all the stuff you’d hate to drudge through, and you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of our day-to-day. The lucky part? We’ve gotten it down to a science. So much so that the monotony has a certain spark. Jerry Gergich loved filling documents in Parks and Rec, right? We’re the Jerry Gergich of the marketing world. Except… cooler.

Keyword Research and Content Creation 

Ah, keywords – the bread and butter of SEO. Finding the right keywords isn’t as simple as it sounds. We start by getting to know the client and what search intent their potential customers might have when they look for answers to their questions. What’s being searched for a lot, and what information can we provide that would be valuable to that specific searcher?

Once we have our keywords, we must weave them into content. But not just any content. It has to be engaging, informative, and, above all, optimized around our decided-on relevant keyword. This means countless hours writing blogs, updating website copy, and creating engaging meta information. We craft detailed content sprinkled with strategically placed keywords and plenty of valuable information specifically catering to our client’s voice. Rich, keyword-dense content is all well and good, but if it doesn’t sound like our client, it can feel disingenuous and disconnected to readers. We have to become every one of the clients we work with so that the writing we do flows as if it was born from these companies’ own minds.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is where we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. This SEO technique involves optimizing the backend of your website—fixing broken links, improving site speed, ensuring mobile-friendliness, and setting up proper redirects. It’s not glamorous, but it’s crucial. We work with many companies with a high bounce rate and buggy sites. But they don’t stay that way for long!

What is an SEO Consultant? A high bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on a webpage and leave without interacting with any other pages on the site. Basically, they “bounce” away after viewing only one page. That’s not good for conversions! It usually means that in the big picture, visitors aren’t finding what they’re looking for or that the page isn’t engaging enough to encourage further exploration. We usually run into a lot of reasons for this.

  1. Irrelevant, Non-Quality Content: The content on the page doesn’t match the visitor’s expectations or the search they used to find your site. The relevant keyword may not even appear on their page!
  2. Poor User Experience: Issues like slow load times, confusing navigation, or a non-mobile-friendly website design can quickly drive visitors away.
  3. Misleading Meta Descriptions: If the meta description promises something the page doesn’t deliver, visitors high-tail it out of there.
  4. Technical Errors: Problems like broken links, 404 errors, or missing media can frustrate users and lead to a quick exit.

After a thorough audit and applying proven SEO techniques, our clients benefit from optimized images, user-friendly web design, and reduced server response times. Through these enhancements, we help them achieve significantly lower bounce rates. While the process takes time and effort, the results of our SEO strategies are more than worth it, leading to improved user engagement and search engine rankings.


We live and breathe data. Analytics tell us what’s working and what’s not. To do good work, we have to track everything – website traffic, user behavior, conversion rates, and more. Then, we tweak and refine our strategies based on these insights. We might look at the competition if a keyword we’re targeting isn’t performing well. Maybe they have more comprehensive content or better backlinks. We would then refine our strategy, perhaps creating more detailed content or building stronger links to improve our ranking for that keyword.

To keep track of all this data, we set up custom reports, monitor Google Analytics, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and visualize data trends so we can monitor all the critical metrics in real time. Digging to get this data lets us quickly identify issues and opportunities, making our SEO efforts more effective and efficient.

Local SEO & Putting You on the Map

Local SEO & Putting You on the Map Local SEO is essential for businesses with a physical presence. We optimize your online presence to ensure you show up in local searches and Google Maps. This involves managing local listings, getting reviews, and optimizing for local keywords.

If a local bakery isn’t showing up in “bakery near me” searches, for example, we would optimize its Google My Business profile, gather customer reviews, and use some heavy-hitting local keywords. That way, it could be the first result for anyone in the area craving a croissant.

Keeping Up with Google – SEO Strategy Keeping You As The Top Search Result

Google’s algorithm changes constantly, and we always look for those shifts. What worked yesterday might not work today. But as diligent professionals, we aren’t phased. We stay updated on the latest trends, and search engine algorithm updates to ensure our strategies are always effective. We spend hours reading the latest SEO blogs, attending webinars, participating in forums, and dissecting case studies to grasp the nuances of each update. It’s like trying to hit a moving target, requiring us to test new strategies, analyze their effectiveness, and tweak our approach accordingly.

It might seem pretty tedious, but it’s what has to be done to maintain and improve your website’s performance. Staying updated is the only way to ensure our SEO strategy remains effective. Our ability to adapt is what keeps your website competitive.

Why We Love Doing the Dirty Work

So… why do we put ourselves through all this? Simple.

We love seeing you succeed.

search-engine-optimization To us, nothing is more amazing than watching a website climb the search rankings, seeing a spike in traffic, or hearing about a boost in sales. Plus, we love the thrill of solving puzzles, staying ahead of trends, and seeing the businesses we believe in thrive. We’re passionate about SEO because of the results our hard work gives the clients we’re partnered with. And if we’ve partnered with you, it means we believe in you and your business’s mission, voice, and potential.

We’re happy to handle the heavy lifting of digital marketing so your company doesn’t have to. It’s our job and one we’re each individually skilled for. Our team consists of people who find this type of work exciting. We have writers who can type for hours, pouring over synonyms to find the right feeling for a sentence. We’ve got technical strategists who love learning new technologies and programming languages. With years of experience on our side, we’ve fallen in love with all aspects of the job. It really is, in all respects, the dream team.

From one dream team to another, we can’t wait to take on your behind-the-scenes SEO digital marketing work so you can focus on bigger and better things. With our love for SEO Marketing, your website is in great hands. Let’s talk.

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