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Case Studies

Lead Generation: custom glass solutions

Case Study

  • Grew leads from the website by 176% during the peak seasons, and 219% during off-season months
  • A single lead was worth potentially $5,000, approximately the cost of our services each month
  • Helped grow overall traffic to the website by more than 31%
  • This represented revenue of approximately 161x spend
  • K6 helped bring more than $805,000 in potential new business each month
Custom Glass Solutions Lead Generation

Ecommerce Sales: Woodpeckers


  • Grew SEO monthly revenue 491.87%, from $146,900 in October 2017 to $869,600 in February 2021
  • Average monthly cost of $3,200, or an estimated ROI of 11,145%
  • Helped add more than 22,000 new email newsletter subscribers in 3 years, at a total estimated value of $6.4 million
  • Helped grow overall traffic to the website by more than 94% over 3 years, and organic search traffic by more than 200%

Lead Generation: DISCUS Software

Case Study

discus graph

Strategies Applied

  • SEO, Paid Search
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Content Consulting
  • Web Design
DISCUS Software Lead Generation

Local Search: Lube Stop

Case Study

June 2010 vs January 2014

654 web sales in June 2010
  • 1,672 web sales in January 2014
  • 156% increase

Keys to Success

  • Combine all channels – organic, paid and social
  • Create specific tracking to see what is working…in this case, a coupon with a code on it from the website

Organic Search Traffic

Lube Stop Local Lead Generation
Lube Stop

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